I applied for a visitor’s visa for my fiance four times, and it got rejected all the four times. With not much hope left in me, I consulted MTC Immigration Services as my last try. After discussing the situation with MTC Immigration and applying for ATIP note to know the reasons for the visa refusal, I was able to trust that MTC Immigration was the right decision I made to reapply the visa for my fiance. Their way of approach towards the reapplication helped me build trust in them. I had many questions which they answered very patiently at every step. I realized soon that the amount of detailed documentation they put together for the application is something I never saw previously with any other immigration services. Finally, my fiance got his visa, thanks to MTC Immigration, and he is now able to come to meet me in Canada. I am applying for my fiance’s Permanent Resident also through MTC. I am thankful for MTC Immigration for all their effort. All I can say is, I trust MTC Immigration.

Naga Sravani Thottempudi

Thunder Bay Ontario