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Welcome to the official website of MTC Immigration Services. The company is authorized by Canadian Immigration law to help you move to Canada. We are registered with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Our mission is to give you high-quality services with a vision of making your dream of moving to Canada come true. You are welcome to look at our services and see where we can help you.

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  • India to Canada

    Finally got my wife’s work permit stamped. My sincere thanks to Ade who did a great job in gathering the required documents and also made the profile very strong. Here are my few words about him. He is very much workaholic, committed, dedicated, easily approachable and trustworthy immigration consultant. I would highly recommend people to go for MTC Immigration Services. He provides high quality of work. I am waiting for my big hit. Thanks once again Ade for your effort.

  • Nepal to Canada

    It is with immense gratitude and pleasure that I am writing about MTC Immigration Services. It is through their relentless and dedicated service that my spousal open work permit to CANADA was approved. I would like to thank Mr. ADETUNDE for patiently helping me through every step of my application.I strongly recommend everyone to make the best use of the services provided by MTC Immigration and make their dreams come true

    Kopila Dangal

    Thunder Bay Ontario

    Bharat Kafle


  • India to Canada – Visitor’s visa

    I applied for a visitor’s visa for my fiance four times, and it got rejected all the four times. With not much hope left in me, I consulted MTC Immigration Services as my last try. After discussing the situation with MTC Immigration and applying for ATIP note to know the reasons for the visa refusal, I was able to trust that MTC Immigration was the right decision I made to reapply the visa for my fiance. Their way of approach towards the reapplication helped me build trust in them. I had many questions which they answered very patiently at every step. I realized soon that the amount of detailed documentation they put together for the application is something I never saw previously with any other immigration services. Finally, my fiance got his visa, thanks to MTC Immigration, and he is now able to come to meet me in Canada. I am applying for my fiance’s Permanent Resident also through MTC. I am thankful for MTC Immigration for all their effort. All I can say is, I trust MTC Immigration.

    Naga Sravani Thottempudi

    Thunder Bay Ontario

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